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    Such is the healing power of the mind that placebo pills—'dummy' tablets that have no active chemical ingredients—are helping cancer survivors overcome fatigue, one of the worst conditions they have to endure after treatment has finished.

    And perhaps the most astonishing thing is that the patients were told that they were taking a placebo—and it was still working. In fact, many of the patients pleaded with the researchers to be given more of the dummy tablets, but, for ethical reasons, their request was refused.

    The 74 cancer survivors who took part in the placebo study were all suffering from moderate to severe fatigue, and they were either given an 'open label' placebo—which means they were told beforehand—or they continued their current treatment for their tiredness.

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    If you suffer from migraine, check your jaw. A misaligned jaw— known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD)—appears to be linked to the problem, and can triple the chances of a severe attack.

    The worse the TMD, the more severe and frequent the migraine attacks, researchers have discovered.

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    Lyme disease ticks attracted to people with Type A blood image

    If you're going out for a woodland walk and your blood group happens to be Type A, then cover up—you're much more likely to be bitten by a tick that can spread Lyme disease.

    The ticks are attracted to Type A blood group people, while the Type B folk seem to have an in-built defence mechanism that repels them.

    In a laboratory test, the ticks—known as 'sheep ticks' or Ixodes Ricinus—were naturally drawn to the Type A samples around 36 per cent of the time, and to the Type B samples just 15 per cent of the time. Every blood group was included in the test, which involved a Petri dish and ticks that were placed in the dish for two minutes.