Audit Report published - 2017-6062

2017-6062 - Food information to consumers - Portugal PT
13 December 2017

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Novel Foods

New autthorisation letters added

  • Tetraselmis chuii
  • Chia seeds – extension of use in sterilised ready meals based on cereal grains, pseudocereal grains and/or pulses

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Food Fraud

The contact list of the members of the EU Food Fraud Network has been updated

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At the second Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) seminar on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures and Food Safety, experts concluded that they will continue to work on food safety using the ''One Health'' approach that recognises that human and animal health are linked to each other and the environment. They also stressed the importance of the confidence building and that health issues should be addressed collaboratively, across sectors, disciplines and borders.

Leggi tutto: Global Food Safety Should Be Based on ''One Health'' Approach, ASEM Partners conclude

Audit Report published - 2017-6225

2017-6225 - Food and Veterinary Office - Poultry meat - Bosnia and Herzegovina - BA
11 December 2017

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Audit Report published - 2017-6262

2017-6262 - Export controls - plants and plant products - Ghana GH
29 November 2017

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